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View all exam answers from HubSpot and learn the latest trends from this leading marketing tool.

Hubspot Exam Answers

Start your HubSpot exam and get a boost from with the answers of the exams below.

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Which certificate to obtain first?

Are you a starting HubSpotter? Then start with the Inbound exam. This course explains the basics of inbound marketing without having to be familiar with HubSpot itself. This also makes the exam suitable for people who want to get started with the inbound method, but do not (yet) have or use HubSpot.

The inbound certificate is also useful for colleagues who are not involved in marketing. After all, the inbound method requires input from colleagues who give direction to the company and talk to customers.

After inbound exam, the HubSpot Marketing Software certificate is the best addition. Here you learn how HubSpot works, where you can find everything and how to set up an inbound marketing campaign.