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HubSpot Marketing Software Certificatie Examen antwoorden 2021

Update: februari 2021

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Benieuwd naar de antwoorden van het HubSpot Marketing Software Certificatie Examen? 

Merk op: zowel de vragen als antwoorden zijn in het Engels. Dit omdat het Examen enkel in Engelstalige versie beschikbaar is.

1. True or false? The Marketing Hub uses shared contact information with the Sales Hub and Service Hub via the CRM contacts database.

2. Marketing Hub users will frequently use which of the following menus in HubSpot?

3. Which of the following options reflects the correct sequence for establishing goals with your team?

4. Which of the following metrics are marketing teams NOT likely to report on?

5. True or false? The more completely you use the Marketing Hub, the better the individual tools can help you.

6. What is the definition of contact management?

7. ________ software is the foundation for storing all the information you have on the humans you’re connecting and building trust with.

8. Keeping your database healthy and up to date should always be a priority so that you can create powerful and ___________.

9. True or false? When importing contacts, HubSpot automatically searches for matches with your spreadsheet columns and pairs your existing properties, such as first name and last name.

10. Which parts of your organization can benefit from buyer personas?

11. True or false? Buyer personas are non-fictional case study examples of your most successful customer.

12. True or false? When creating buyer personas, consider creating a different persona based on job function. Grouping buyer personas together by the goal or challenge they’re trying to overcome won’t be detailed enough to know who you’re talking to.

13. Most organizations target how many buyer personas?

14. All of the following are components of a topic cluster EXCEPT:

15. Fill in the blank: When linking your topic cluster together, it’s critical that you __________.

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